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Jennifer Ferguson Jan 26 Product Updates / Release Notes

New Features

Centralized User management:

Organization Admins now have access to a centralized user management area helping speed user management for large enterprise organizations:

  • View a master list of all unique users; Filter by user or last login.
  • Quickly disable a user to remove access globally; View a summary of enabled vs. disabled users. 
  • Understand basic user adoption by viewing number of login and last login date.

The users management area is accessible via the organization settings menu (gear icon at the top right the application) for users who are specified as an Organizational Admin. Please contact support if you require a user to be made an Organizational Admin.


Additional Mapping Rules:

New kinds of rules are now available for ERP / PO rules based mapping. Examples of rules that can now be used include:

  • Multiple unique ID rules (for e.g. First map to Allocadia ID, then to PO#).
  • Mapping to any hierarchy level directly (for e.g. Map Vendor to Line Item).
  • More concise definition of dynamic rules using variables ( for e.g. "if Cost Centre starts with '101' map to Budget A (or Line Item A)', which previously would have had to be a separate rule for each distinct cost centre value starting with 101).
  • Combining spreadsheet fields to use in a rule (for e.g. $country + "-" + $region) which reduces the need to do any translation or formatting of your spreadsheet data prior to import. 

To note, this is only available to our internal Customer Success team to start.

Bulk Hierarchy Changes:

Owners / Admins can now move folders and budgets in bulk on the Home tab helping to easily keep up with marketing organizational changes.

  • How it works
    • Move folder - Select a folder and use the "Move to another folder" option in the "Organize" drop-down menu. All budgets in that folder will be carried along.
    • Bulk move budgets - Multi-select multiple budgets (using Ctrl-click) and use the "Move to another folder" in the "Organize" drop-down menu.

Bulk Import Users:

Users can now be imported in bulk helping streamline year-over-year roll-overs. To note, this is only available to our internal Customer Success team to start.

Invite Users Behaviour:

Owners / Admins can now control cascading behaviour for user invites.

  • How it works - 
    • Upon user invite, options to not cascade access as well as roles changes down to all folders and budgets within that hierarchy level are now available.
  • Example for use case
    • In a multiple year setup a user that has access to only a budget per year can be invited to the root folder that shows the year allowing them to differentiate between each year easily.


Edit Users Panel in HTML:

The "invite / edit" users panel (accessed via the "share" column on the Home tab) is now transitioned over to HTML.  Read here for the latest update on our HTML transition.




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