Intro to Insights


The Insights tab contains Dashboards and Reports that are populated by entering your Marketing Activities, PO’s and Actuals and shows you the current status of your marketing spend for all Activities. Marketers can leverage this powerful BI application directly within the Insights tab, to answer critical marketing budgeting and planning business questions. 


Dashboards are a visualization tool that displays the status of your marketing spend and contain a variety of Dashboard tabs each with multiple reports, widget, and filter that segments data into related areas for efficiency and enhanced budget-related decision-making. It shows a set of insights in an area of focus and is a compilation of the entries that were made on the Activities tab. 

Dashboard Filters allow you to narrow the scope of the reports on the active Dashboard tab, allowing you to change values displayed in the report without changing the report definitions.

Best Practice: Need to present at a meeting or impress your boss? The Reports Printer/Email allows you to print a copy of a Dashboard, Dashboard tab or a Report in numerous different formats such as PDF, XLS, XLSX, or CSV so it can be emailed to a non-Allocadia user to answer key marketing questions or demonstrate the results of certain marketing strategies.


If your organization has a stand-alone analytics project per fiscal year, you can toggle between them using the Projects drop-down menu at the top left-hand corner of the page. The most recent project will appear at the top of the list.


Refreshing your data syncs your Insights projects to your most current marketing spend and ensures that the data reflected is up to date with any recent changes made on the Home and Activities tabs. Insights automatically refresh within a 24-hours period, however immediate changes in reports or dashboards can only be seen if modifications are made to entries on the Activities tab through a manual refresh. You can also view specific details of a manual refresh, including a refreshing history, by clicking the Refresh Details hyperlink.   


The Reports Panel contains a list of all of the Reports that have been created,  and sorted into categories, for quick and easy viewing. Reports are a summary of segmented sets of data that display insights for a targeted focus. Typically reports are displayed within Dashboard tabs and can also stand-alone. 

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