Understanding Metrics


Metrics are top-level budget measures on the Activities tab that display top-down allocation and targets set by the team. Metrics allow you to see how your bottoms up plan is aligning with the budget that was allocated by adjusting as you plan your marketing activities in real time.

As you plan your campaigns and manage your marketing spend in Allocadia, Metrics such as Target, Left to Plan, and Left to Spend increase or decrease based on the financial data that is entered in the Activity Grid. Metrics also change depending on the View if set, so you can easily switch and view your Metrics by the quarter or by fiscal year.

Metrics appear as Performance Insight Cards above the Activity Grid when the user is in the Activities tab and can be adjusted depending on Views by Admins. The Cards can contain a maximum of six metrics and a full list can be viewed by clicking the Expand icon at the bottom right of the card.

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