Preparing Spreadsheets for PO/Actuals Import


Allocadia allows you to Import your POs and Actuals to link your planned spend with actual spend and reduce time and effort needed for manual entry. Reconciling this planned spend against actual spend gives Marketers visibility into how their current spending is matching up to their original plan and targets. Minimal interaction is required from the marketer to reconcile these amounts due to importing, but Allocadia has certain requirements that need to be met for the Import to successfully go through.

These requirements are as follows:

    • First Row: Your first row must have headers. If there is a blank row you will be prompted to add the headers prior to Import. Duplicate header names will not be accepted
    • Rows: Empty rows will not be accepted and you will be prompted to delete them.
    • Columns: You can keep columns you don't want to import into your spreadsheet and ignore them during the mapping process, saving you time in prepping your sheet for Import
    • Date Formats: Choose one date column as your primary date column. This is the date format that you will use in reporting. If amortizing POs, start dates cannot be after end date.
      Note: Allocadia recognizes these date variations. All date fields must follow the same format.
      - 3/14/2021
      Month (1-12)
      3/14/2021 18:25:16
      -2021/3/25 18:25:16
    • Worksheets: The worksheet that you are importing MUST be your first tab in the workbook
    • Linked Spreadsheets: Linked spreadsheets in your file will cause an error, remove these before importing
    • For more information, please see the article Importing POs/Actuals
      Note: If there are linked spreadsheets within your file it will result in the upload screen cycling, please refresh your screen and log back in
      Note: The date formats mm/dd/yr and dd/mm/yr enable Coupa imports
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