Creating Reports


In Allocadia, data that is entered against your campaigns when tracking your Marketing Activities are aggregated in the Insights tab. This data can be segmented in the form of Reports. Reports are created by establishing What metrics you would like to see and How you would like them displayed. 

  1. On the Insights tab, click the Edit button at the top right of the current Dashboard
    In the Edit View, expand the Report tab and select New Report from the drop-down sub-menu
  2. Click the What button and select your desired metrics 
    Note: The first column displays a list of folders grouping related. Clicking a folder displays the folder's metrics in the second column. The top folder, All Metrics, displays all metrics available. Descriptions of each metric are displayed in the Detail column. Metrics that have a * following the name are intended for use when the How is a multi-select field.
  3. Click the How button and select your desired attributes
  4. Click Done to complete the report.
    Note: The metrics will display in the order you have chosen them. If they are out of order you can drag and drop them in the report to reorder them.
    Note: If you see (empty value) in your report that means there are items within your Activities that have not been tagged with the associated attribute.
  5. Click the Filter button and select your desired filters.
    Note: The available filters are as follows: 

    - Select from a List of Values (including date ranges) - This is used when you want to choose values from a list of one attribute.

    - Ranking Filter - This is used to rank your results.

    - Number Range Filter - This is used when you want to specify a range of values.

    - Variable Filter - This is used when you want to narrow your selection according to a certain variable

    Note: You can search for the attribute you would like to filter by scrolling down or by typing the attribute name into the text field
  6. Once you have completed the report click the Create button in the top right of the window.
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