Standalone Vs Year-Over-Year Insights


When starting a new fiscal year and rolling over the Hierarchy, organizations have different options for viewing Insights. These options include Year-Over-Year reporting and Standalone reporting. These views are dependent on changes made to both the Hierarchy and the attributes on the Details Panel, as these two features decide the compatibility of options in Allocadia.

Year-Over-Year: Runs reports showing multiple years at a time. Year-Over-Year reporting allows marketers to compare results and KPIs across years to see how marketing spend varies throughout different fiscal years. With Year-Over-Year reporting, there is also the option to view a specific year independently.

This option is more suited to organizations that have not made changes or made very few changes to their Hierarchy and Details Panel attributes, so the Insights stay consistent across years and provide a foundation to compare results.


Standalone: Runs reports showing one year at a time, as each year is a separate project. In Standalone reporting, you are unable to report on multiple years at once. 

This option is suited to organizations that make major changes to their Hierarchy or Details Panel attributes. Change to the structure of these two features can make reporting in difficult or incompatible when there is no way to compare metrics across years. 

During the Roll-over process, Allocadia Support can help you set up Insights, revise Dashboards and create a Persistent ID. It is a unique Allocadia ID associated with a Category, Sub-category Line Item and Placeholder that remains the same across multiple years. 

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