Home Tab Overview for Admins


The Home tab is the workspace for the Administrator as features that affect the configuration and structure of the Hierarchy are hosted on this tab. Administrators can easily manage Users, adjust financial Targets, reconcile Actual spend, manage Approvals and more.

Importing PO’s and Actuals

Marketers can reconcile their Planned spend with their Actual spend by bringing in Purchase Order (PO) and Actuals data from their ERP system. Importing POs and Actuals are a quick and easy way to associate large amounts of data to their respective marketing activities in Allocadia, reducing the need for manual entry. 

Importing Activities (Budgets)

If numerous changes need to be made for a specific Activity Plan, marketers can reduce the time needed to manually enter these changes by importing a spreadsheet with the required changes. 

Viewing Import History and Schedules

Once POs and Actuals are imported and associated with their corresponding marketing activity, a user can go back and view the Import History to look back and ensure everything was imported properly. Allocadia keeps a log of the past import history and future Import Schedules to assist marketers in gaining clarity into the marketing spend data. 

Inviting Users to the Hierarchy (Defining User Roles)

Inviting users gives the user access to that specific Activity Plan and allows you to select the user’s role at the level of the Hierarchy they were invited to. There is also the option to invite them to all subsequent Sub-folders and Activities contained within a grouping; reducing manual work otherwise needed to invite users to every single level of the Hierarchy.

Accessing Master Settings

Anything that is configured at the level of the Master Settings is applicable to the entire Hierarchy. If a new Column or Field is added at this level, the adjustment would affect all Activity Plans within the Hierarchy.

Accessing Custom Settings

Custom Settings allows for more granular customization of the Hierarchy and are set at the Sub-folder level. Functions configured at the Custom Settings level will be applied to the specific Sub-folder and the subsequent Activity Plans contained within.

Setting Targets

Top-down Investment Targets can be set on the Home tab from the Roll-up panel. Allocadia provides active visibility into alignment with the originally allocated spend through the Planning and Forecasting process. Targets can be displayed on the budget grid in the form of Metrics to help marketers stay on target and keep track of their spend.

Adding Notes to the Hierarchy

Allocadia is a collaborative cloud application that allows marketers to easily collaborate with their team to plan and execute marketing campaigns throughout the Fiscal Year. Adding Notes to the Hierarchy allows for efficient communication within teams and provides context for specific Folders, Sub-folders or Activity Plans.

Managing Approvals

Approvals in Allocadia allow for a centralized fund request system. All fund requests can be accessed from the Home Tab for quick and easy status updates. Users can Approve, Deny or Send Back a request complete with comments or other instructions with a single push of a button.

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