The Hierarchy Structure Explained


Allocadia lets you structure your Activity Plans however best meets your organization’s needs. Our consultants work with your team to structure Allocadia to align with your company’s strategic priorities and internal processes. Strategic decisions are made during the implementation process to structure the Hierarchy on the Home tab as it is foundational to the successful use and deployment of Allocadia. Many factors are taken into consideration during this process including, but not limited to, Region, Functional Team, Product Line or Company Division, and Financial Systems.

Region: Many organizations structure Activity Plans by region since field marketers are running marketing programs within a specific geography. This method ensures currency issues are kept to a minimum.

Functions: Some companies will structure Activity Plans according to a functional area of spend for example – demand generation, public relations or events.

Product Line or Company Division: This structure divides spend according to a product, business unit or even brand. It is a common format for B2C marketing organizations and may be used in combination with a regional structure.

Financial Systems: Since marketing budgets need to be reconciled with financial systems, many marketing teams classify their Activities this way. However, this is not ideal as accounting codes tend to be broader than marketers prefer to think about their activities.

Depending on your marketing organization structure, you may see any combination of hierarchy organization for a given year; as the Hierarchy is designed to mirror your marketing organization.

Note: The Hierarchy contains Activities for a given year. Each year in Allocadia, a new Hierarchy will be created for that years’ Activities.
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