Adding Top Down Details


On the Activities tab, when marketing activities are grouped into Categories and Sub-categoriesdetailed attributes can easily be added at the Folder level, when details of a campaign or events are consistent. This saves time and alleviates the need to complete the detailed entries for every marketing activity because the details will filter down from the top-level folder.

Tip: You can always go back and make minor adjustments at the marketing activity level after the initial entries were made at the Folder level.
  1. Click the Details Panel icon in line with the Category or Sub-category that you would like to enter details for. The Details Panel will open on the right side
  2. Fill in the fields that are the same for the marketing activities within this folder. The details will filter down to the marketing activities within the Category or Sub-category
Note: If you add a marketing activity under a Category or Sub-category after you have already filled in the Details Panel for that grouping, the new activity will automatically have those fields filled in. 
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