Organizing Your Spend


Allocadia's Categories and Sub-categories are a way of organizing and grouping spend for your Activities. These folders or groupings allow for a more streamlined process in Allocadia when adding marketing spend data, showing aggregate totals, and improving navigation.

Best Practice: Be creative and organize your spend in a way that is intuitive to you by grouping like marketing activities (individual's budgets do not impact the types of reports that can be run from Allocadia, we arrange that separately from the budget organization).

Using Categories:

  1. On the Activities tab, Select the Category button
  2. Name your Category
  3. Add additional Categories as desired

Using Sub-categories:

  1. On the Activities tab, highlight the Category you want to put a Sub-category under
  2. Select the Sub-category button
  3. Name your Sub-category
  4. Add Sub-categories as desired
Note: Sub-categories can be nested depending on how granular you are in organizing your marketing spend data.

Deleting Categories and Sub-categories:

  1. On the Activities Tab, highlight the Category or Sub-category you would like to delete
  2. Click the Delete button or right-click the item to be deleted and select Delete
Tip: When you delete a Category or Sub-category, everything beneath that grouping will be deleted as well.



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