Updating Drop-Down Lists


A Drop-down List is a predefined list of options that users can choose from. In Allocadia, a Drop-down list helps track attributes for your marketing spend data. Throughout the fiscal year, you may want to update your Drop-down list’s fields with new options or edit them depending on how your activities are shaping up. We recommend using drop-down lists to help keep data clean and consistent for reporting purposes.

Note: These steps are also applicable to updating fields on a Multi-select List
  1. On the Home tab, click the Master/Custom Settings hyperlink in line with the desired Folder or Sub-folder
  2. On the Settings page, navigate to the Columns Tab under Template Setup
  3.  Highlight the Drop-Down list you wish to make changes to
    Tip: You can type the keyword “drop-down” in the search bar to filter by those fields only for improved navigation.
  4. Expand the side panel by clicking the arrow on the right side
    Tip: You can change the width of the side panel by holding down the three bars and dragging to your desired width.
  5. On the Field Details panel, click the Edit Options hyperlink in line with the Type field
    Tip: Clicking the Import button also allows you to bulk add fields for Drop-Down Lists by copying and pasting the values from a text document. 
  6. Type the name of your new field in the text box and click Add
    Tip: When importing, Allocadia will filter out exact duplicate options. Check for close but not exact duplicates. The pencil icon allows you to rename the option, the red X will delete the option from the list (and if in use, replace with the preferred option), and the checkbox will allow you to de activate it. Holding and dragging the three bars on the left side will allow you to move the option wherever you wish.
    Note: If you have the Options Editable box checked for your Drop-down then any user can edit the fields for that list. This is only recommended for certain types of drop-downs where data entries may change frequently.
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