Managing Scenario Tags


Having different Scenarios associated with your bottoms up spend allows you to have a versatile plan in situations where your Top-down Allocation might increase or decrease. It is also helpful to have scenarios if Marketing Activities do not turn out as planned. Scenario Tags empower you to build a more dynamic plan by allowing you to easily view different scenarios to understand the different potential impacts on your marketing spend. Alternate plans help you stay agile so you are prepared in the event of any change to your plan throughout the fiscal year.


  1. On the Home tab, click on the Master/Custom Settings link in the Edit Settings column
    Note: The Master and Custom settings only appear at the Folder and Sub-folder level
  2. Navigate to the Tags & Scenarios tab in the Strategic Planning section on the left
  3. Type the Tag name into the text field under the Scenario header
  4. Click on the black square beside the text field name and select a color for the new Tag
  5. Click the + Add button


  1. On the Tags & Scenarios Tab, hover over the Tag you would like to edit
    Tip: The Tag will be highlighted in blue with a Pencil Icon, Colored Square, and an X.
  2. Click the Pencil Icon to edit the name of the Tag
    Tip: You can also click on the Tag to edit the name.
  3. Click the Colored Square to edit the color of the Tag


  1. On the Tags & Scenarios tab, hover over the Tag you would like to delete
  2. Click the X Icon
    Note: You will be unable to delete any Scenario Tags currently in use.


  1. On the Tags & Scenarios tab, hover over the Tag you would like to move
  2. Using the three horizontal lines to the left of the Tag name, click and drag the Tag to the desired location in the list
    Tip: Tags can also be sorted alphabetically or reverse alphabetically by clicking the Sort A-Z and Sort Z-A buttons, respectively.
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