Adding your Marketing Activities


Allocadia allows you to track your Marketing Activities through Planning, Forecasting, adding Purchase Orders (PO's) and Actuals throughout the fiscal year. By tracking your Marketing Activities on a granular level, you gain visibility into how your marketing spend data may fluctuate throughout the fiscal year.  

  1. On the Activities Tab, determine where you will be adding your Marketing Activity
  2. Click the Category/Sub-category where you will be adding your Marketing Activity
  3. Click the Add Line Item button. Marketing Activities will always appear at the very bottom of the Category/Sub-category they are created in
    Note: Depending on your organization the name of your marketing activity button may vary.
  4. Name your Marketing Activity
    Next Steps: Once you have added your Marketing activity, you can begin to enter your spend data such as Plan amounts or open the panel and track details against your activity.


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