Understanding the Details Panel


The Details Panel is where you can select attributes that allow you to align your Activities with Objectives and also track metadata related to your spend. The Details Panel lets you view and edit your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), giving you information for running reports on Insights. When you fill out values in the Details Panel describing how your marketing activity will align, you are also creating ways to slice and dice your marketing spend in our reporting.

  1. On the Activities tab,  click the Roll-up panel icon in line with your desired marketing activity. A panel will open from the right side of the Activity Plan
    Note: Types of attributes that can be typically found in the Details Panel are Objectives, Target Audience, Product, Region, Segment, Dates, Top of Funnel Metric or Notes.
  2. On the Details Panel, fill out the form with attributes that best describe your activity
    Tip: Any header field that has a red asterisk beside it is a required field. These fields should always contain a value according to your marketing organization. The Allocadia Line Item ID will not display until all required fields are populated in the Details Panel.
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