Mapping Imported Actuals


Actuals are the amount of money spent on goods or services as recorded in your finance or ERP system and brought into Allocadia to reconcile with your original planned marketing spend data. Actuals are imported into Allocadia and automatically mapped to their corresponding marketing activities. However, there may be times where an Import will not map the Actual for several reasons, such as a potentially incorrect identifier. In that case, you can manually map the Actuals to the correct Activity.

  1. On the Home tab, select map ( ) in the Actuals Column in line with your desired workspace
    Note: The number in brackets - map ( ) indicates how many unmapped Actuals need to be mapped to a marketing activity.

    If field displays map to PO instead of map ( ), when you click on it a pop-up will appear asking if you want to map Actuals to activities with corresponding POs. Clicking yes will automatically map the Actuals.

  2. On the Map screen, map the Actuals by choosing the Activity Plan, Category, and Line item to which the unmapped Actuals belongs
    Note: If there are no Category groupings or Line items in the Activity Plan, those fields will remain blank, and the Actual will be mapped at the Activities Plan level.
  3. Click the Map button
    Tip: Alternatively, you can click the Map All to PO button, at the top right of the screen, to map Actuals to their corresponding POs. If there aren’t any corresponding POs, the Actuals will stay unmapped.

Bulk Mapping Actuals:

Multiple Actuals can be mapped to a single marketing activity/Line item by bulk mapping.

  1. On the Map Screen, select all rows that should be mapped in bulk by holding Ctrl / Command and single clicking the individual Actuals
  2. Click Bulk Map ( )
    Note: the number in brackets indicates how many Actuals will be mapped to a single Line item.
  3. In the Bulk Map menu select the Activity Plan, Category, and Line item the Actuals are associated with
  4. Click Map at the bottom of the menu

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