Aligning with Finance


Allocadia allows you to manage your marketing activities and gives you a central location to Plan, Forecast, and ultimately see your Investment Spend. As you create activities within Allocadia during Planning and Forecasting, we auto-create a Unique ID (Allocadia ID) which allows you to associate your marketing activities with the future spend record that Finance will create. By simply including the Allocadia ID in your correspondence to your Finance team to add to their records, you are establishing a direct, reliable, data connection which will enable you to ultimately answer the question: How much did this activity actually cost? Allocadia Consultants will work with your System Administrators and Finance Teams to have spend data flow smoothly into Allocadia to display against your Activities.

  1. On the Activities tab, click on the row for your marketing activity
    Tip: If no record exists for your marketing activities, you will want to create it first.
  2. Open the Details Panel by clicking the icon to the right of the marketing activity name. This will appear to the right of your screen
  3. Copy your Line Item ID. Your Line Item ID will be available at the top of the Panel, under your Activity Name
    Note: The Line Item ID will not be available if a mandatory field is not populated. Please populate all required fields to show the Line Item ID.
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