Investment Planning Dashboard


The Investment Planning Dashboard provides you with a quick view of how your Plan compares to your target and who's ahead or behind in their planning efforts. The Dashboard helps Marketers answer the following questions:

  • How are bottom-up investment plans matching up against top-down targets?
  • Are we investing sufficiently and in the right mix to achieve our stated business objectives?
  • Where are Activity Plans out of alignment?

The Investment Planning Dashboard consists of the Investment Planning Summary and the Investment Tracking Summary:

Investment Planning Summary: Allows you to quickly check the level of detail completion of your Plans, as determined by the Investment and Strategic targets set in Allocadia.  

Investment Tracking Summary: See how your investments are categorized relative to your goals and objectives, including Purchase stage, Segment, Product, Persona, and Activity Type. See how your investments are aligning to your strategic goals such as Demand Creation, Market Intelligence, Reputation and Sales Enablement.

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