Understanding Allocadia User Roles


Allocadia has 5 different User Roles with varying levels of permissions. You can hold multiple roles at various levels of the Hierarchy, but the role you hold dictates what you can do in different parts of Allocadia.


Types of User Roles:

Owner; Administrator; Editor; Editor - Data Entry Only; Viewer


Each Hierarchy has one Owner. This is the person who is responsible for the entire Hierarchy and has full access to all areas of the application to make adjustments to back-end set-up. With Enterprise customers, we recommend this be the main Marketing Operations stakeholder who is the Super-User of the tool. Some Allocadia Owners are Marketing Operations Managers, Senior Marketing Managers or even IT.


Administrators are responsible for back-end Allocadia set-up and can do almost everything an Owner can do with the exception of Hierarchy management. Allocadia does not limit the number of Administrators per account, however, we recommend only having one or two Administrators per team or cost center. Limiting the number of Administrators will make it easier to manage, and have more control over what gets added and removed. Some Allocadia Administrators are Marketing Business Owners (aka. Team Leads), VP or Director of (Blank) Region, etc.


Editors are team members who are in-charge of entering Plans, updating Forecasts, and mapping POs and Actuals. They are the Marketing End Users. Some Allocadia Editors are Marketing Budget Owners, Marketing Managers or Coordinators, etc. Most of the marketers in your team will have this user role in Allocadia.

Editor - Data Entry Only:

If you have a large team you may have people who are in charge of doing the data entry only. You do not want them to be able to create or remove items from your Activity Plan but do want them to be able to update the data within the grid.


Often times there are Executives or Managers who would like to see the Activities and reports in Allocadia but have no need to edit the data reflected. Editors can be given Viewer rights into other Activity Plans. They can look but not edit or update any of the information, as it is a read-only role.

Financial Roles:

Finance can hold a variety of roles within Allocadia the most common being either Editor or Viewer. Some other examples are:

  • Owner - A member of Finance, typically a Financial Analyst, in charge of the implementation of Allocadia.
  • Administrator - A member of finance required to import Actuals into Allocadia.
  • Viewer - A member of finance, typically a stakeholder, who would like to see Activities and reports in Allocadia but should not be able to edit the data.
Note: All Users have access to the Insights (formerly Analytics) that are related to the Activity Plans that they have been invited to.
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