Replacing Actuals Through Import


Marketing Organizations can import their Actuals directly into Allocadia, enabling them to link Planned spend to Actual spend. Some organizations' financial ERP systems add an Actuals entry when the status of a previously recorded Actual changes. Allocadia makes it quick and easy to update an Actual either manually or by using Import & Replace when changes are required.

Replacing Actuals during Imports (Bulk Replacing Actuals):

  1. On the Import menu, when identifying Duplicate Matching Fields, select the Specific Spreadsheet Field(s) option. Allocadia recognizes duplicate entries from the Actuals Import spreadsheet by comparing them to past Actuals Imports
    Note: The Replace existing Actuals with Matching Items checkbox is automatically selected when you use the Specific Spreadsheet Field(s) option.
  2. Check the Duplicate Matching Field checkbox next to the fields that will be used to match on
    Tip: These fields should be fields that will not change when the Actual entry is updated. For example, Invoice #, Vendor, etc.
  3. Once you assigned all Duplicate Matching Fields, click the Next button and complete the rest of the Import process
    Tip: If a duplicate is found, the values in the columns that were not set as Duplicate Matching Fields will be used to replace the Actuals values in Allocadia.
  4. After you complete the Import process, you will be returned to the Home Tab. Click the Import History icon in line with the Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan that you imported into
    Tip: On the Past Imports Tab a detailed list of imports that were imported into that Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan will be displayed. Duplicates are items in the import spreadsheet that match (selected based on the duplicate matching fields) another item in the current or past import spreadsheets that are in Allocadia.
  5. Click the green Replaced hyperlink for your desired Import
  6. Review the list of replaced entries. Click the green Mapped hyperlink to view all of the Actuals that were imported and mapped down to the Line Item
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