Undo button on the Activities Tab


When planning how to allocate your marketing spend data, there are times you may make duplicate entries or input errors. To quickly fix any incorrect actions, you can use the Undo feature on the Activity Grid.

Note: The Undo history is cleared once you leave the Activities tab, or refresh your browser.
  1. On the Activities tab, click the Undo button, or use the Ctrl-Z (Cmd-Z for Mac) keyboard shortcut
Tip: You cannot undo delete or undo the same types of actions more than once (for example, after creating 3 line items, the Undo button will only allow you to undo the last line item that was created).
Note: There is no undo limit but there is no redo function. The Undo function does not apply to the Details Panel, only the budget grid and does not affect filters or moving marketing activities.
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