Creating Columns and Fields

Allocadia allows you to create custom columns and fields to track and display valuable information specific to your marketing activities. Marketing teams can use the information collected to answer their companies’ marketing business questions as well as plan marketing activities, forecast spend and keep track of purchase orders (POs) and actuals.

Before you start, determine the answers to the following questions:

  1. What type of column or field do you need? Allocadia offers many types, see the tables in Entering and Displaying Data.
  2. Do you want to create a field or column for all activities or only within a folder? Columns and fields can only be used in the folder or sub-folder in which they are created. For example, if you create a field in the custom settings of a sub-folder, the field will appear only for the children of that sub-folder. If you create a field in the master settings, it is available for all activities.
  3. Where should the field or column be displayed? For example, it is possible to display a field or a column in the Activity Grid, in the Roll-up Panel or in the Details Panel.

Note that not every field and column type can be used in all settings and cannot be displayed everywhere. Details can be found in Entering and Displaying Data.

Creating a Field or a Column

  1. On the Home tab, click the Master Settings or Custom Settings hyperlink in the Edit Settings column, depending on whether you want to create the field or column for all or only part of the activities.
  2. On the Settings page, select the Columns tab.
  3. On the Columns tab, click into the Manage for: drop-down menu and select where the field or column should be displayed.
    The existing fields and columns for the selected interface area are displayed.
  4. Click Add New and select the type.
  5. In the Field Details panel on the right side, configure the column as needed. Make sure that you have edited at least the required fields (marked with *)

You created the field or column.

Note: The new column must be added to Views so that is visible in the Activity Grid or Roll-up Panel.

The specifics of creating and editing lists and calculations can be found in these articles:

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