Setting Exchange Rate Overrides


Due to the unpredictable nature of currency rates, the values usually fluctuate throughout the fiscal year. The Exchange Rate Override function allows organizations to update their exchange rates manually to align to the fluctuating rates, achieving more accurate reports.

Note: You will not be able to edit the Exchange rates of locked columns, with exception of the PO and Actuals columns. In order to do so, the Activity Plan's Administrator must first unlock the columns. PO and Actuals columns are treated differently as these columns do not support multi-currency input, and the Exchange Rate for an Actuals column will not affect previously entered values if the rate is edited. 

To Set Exchange Rate Overrides:

  1. On the Home Tab, click on Master Settings of the desired Folder
  2. On the Settings page, navigate to the Currency tab under Template Setup on the left-hand side
  3. In the Exchange Rate Overrides section update the monthly/quarterly exchange rates for each financial column per currency
  4. To edit the values, click on the pencil icon or values in the cell and edit the desired values

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