Using Regular Expressions in Import Templates


Allocadia can import data from a spreadsheet directly to activities within the tool. When using the Import Unique ID Rule, the spreadsheet cell value is matched to the Allocadia field value. If the numbers vary, the values will not be mapped. When a Unique ID Rule import occurs and the complete values no longer match exactly you can add a Regular Expression so the tool can still reference the Unique ID.

How to use Regular Expressions during a PO/Actuals Import:

  1. On the Home tab, click Import and select your desired option from the drop-down sub-menu
  2. On the Import window, fill in your required fields and click Next
  3. Match your spreadsheet column headers, select your date format and click Next
  4. Identify your Duplicate Matching Fields and click Next
  5. In the drop-down menus for Unique ID Rule, select the unique field in Allocadia the application will map to. Then select the column header that holds the corresponding value from the second drop-down menu.
  6. Type if your desired regular expression and click Apply Unique Rule when complete. For example: 

    - If the PO number in Allocadia is 1468 and the PO number on the spreadsheet is 1468A the regular expression to match only the first 4 characters is \A.{4}.

    - If the PO number in Allocadia is 1468 and the PO number on the spreadsheet is IN1468 the regular expression to match only the last 4 characters is .{4}\Z

  7. Click the Review Applied Rules tab to check all applied rules.
  8. Click Action and choose to Import, Import and Save Template, or Save Template As
Note: You can only use one regular expression at a time. Make sure the field you are using as your Unique ID field is formatted the same for all entries. For example, make them all IN1468 vs. half IN1468 and half 1468A.
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