Allocadia ID and Persistent ID

Allocadia ID

Marketing activity and spend data are tracked in disparate systems such as a CRM, procurement system, finance ERP, event tracking platform, digital marketing platforms, and many others. With the data dispersed across the systems it becomes very difficult to accurately connect all data points for comprehensive reporting.

Allocadia provides marketers with a solution to align their data across all systems with a single unique identifier.

Allocadia generates the Allocadia ID for each Folder, Sub-folder, Activity Plan, Category, Sub-category, Placeholder, or Line Item when it’s created. This ID number can be found on the Roll-up and Detail panels.

Allocadia ID can be used at three levels.

  1. At the Hierarchy, it can be connected to Adaptive, Anaplan, or other corporate planning tools.
  2. At the Category or Sub-category level, it can be tagged to POs that contain multiple lines and/or campaigns that have many programs or a parent campaign with many children.
  3. And lastly, at the Line Items level, it can be tagged to individual PO Line Items, spend or expense transactions, campaigns, projects and/or activities where appropriate.

Persistent ID

The Persistent ID enables one consistent number across years for multi-year campaigns and contracts. This way, only one ID will need to be used across the systems year over year.

When Line Items are copied from one year to the next, during roll-over, a Persistent ID is created which indicates that there was an original version of this object in a previous year. If we copy an object, we keep the ID, which is why it’s called Persistent; a new Allocadia ID is also created which will be a different unique number specific to the new year.

The Persistent ID is like a breadcrumb, leading users back to the original object and exposing all related objects. The objects that share a Persistent ID do not impact each other – the individual objects remain unique. If a value changes in one object, it does not affect any other object with the same Persistent ID. If a new object is created for the first time in a hierarchy without being copied from a previous year, the Persistent ID will be the same as the Allocadia ID.

Persistent ID is only available at a Category and/or Line Item level.


Note: The Persistent ID can be changed, but only through the API (Optimize package). Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details.
  • Allocadia ID is a number generated for each activity created within Allocadia.
  • Allocadia ID for a created activity can be accessed from the Roll-up or Details Panel.
  • Persistent ID is only available at the Category, Sub-category, and/or Line Item level.
  • All required fields upon data entry must be filled in order to see the Allocadia or Persistent ID.
  • Allocadia ID helps marketers to accurately align marketing campaigns, activities, projects, and spend from disparate systems.
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