Line Item Recycle Bin

Users with permission can delete Line Items, Categories or Sub-categories in an Activity Plan. These deleted items are then moved to the Recycle Bin for 30 days, where they can be viewed and restored if needed.  After 30 days they are deleted permanently and cannot be retrieved.

Restoring an item restores the Details Panel attributes for that Line item if the attributes were not edited at the parent level while the item was in the bin. If the Details Panel attribute are edited when the item was in the bin, the edits are lost when the item is restored.

If there is a value in a column and users don’t have permission to edit that row or column, they will not be able to restore that item. Only an Owner or Administrator will be able to restore a Line item that has a value in a locked column.

If an item is deleted that has manually entered POs or Actuals, the POs or Actuals will be lost when the item is restored.

The Recycle Bin button is located above the Activity Grid, see below.




For more detailed information on how to use the Recycle Bin, Allocadia Academy is developing the Recycle Bin Restore course. Please reach out to your Administrator, CSM or to enquire about access.

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