Pipeline Planning Summary


The Pipeline Planning Summary provides a quick overview of the state of planned activities and helps predict how those activities would contribute to the pipeline. You can see which Activity Plans have the greatest impact and begin to predict pipeline. 


Insights Explored

This module displays the Pipeline Target, the aggregate total of all currently planned marketing activities, and an over/under calculation to show you how much more/less your marketing team need to plan to meet the Pipeline Target goals.

Note: The Planned Pipeline is calculated using the Impact Modeller as well as planned MQLs entered on the Details Panel. Entering both pipeline and MQL data during the planning stage of the marketing cycle provides added confidence and can be used to justify spending when ROI estimates are provided. 

Marketing leaders and marketing ops can easily investigate which activity plans have not yet reached their pipeline target in the "who's not complete" report. This allows for quick action to be taken and adjustments to be made to better align campaigns.


In comparison, plans that are complete and aligned with Pipeline Targets are also shown. 


Where Does the Data Come From?

The Pipeline Planning Summary requires the usage of Pipeline Targetsthe Impact Modeller and planned MQLs for activities. 

Required Features: Activity MQL, Impact Modeller, Pipeline Targets.
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