How to Create and Edit Views



Views in Allocadia allow the User to see specific columns that are relevant to their marketing spend data. Owners and Administrators can create and edit Views that allow you to control which columns appear in the workspace, and how that data is being tracked. 

A new View can be configured from scratch, or as a copy from an existing View. You can find both options by clicking the Create New button.

An existing View can be edited by selecting it in the View drop-down, making the changes you'd like to see, then clicking Save.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Master/Custom Settings in line with the desired Folder or Sub-folder
  2. Under the Template Setup menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click on Views
  3. On the Views drop-down list, select the View you wish to edit, or Create New 
  4. If creating a new View, select if it will be from a Blank Layout, or Copy from This View
  5. Click the plus sign in line with your desired Column on the right-hand side to add new Columns to the View. You can move the placement by holding the directional arrows and dragging and dropping it to your desired location.
    Note: To delete columns click the red X in line with the column name. You can also rename your View by clicking on the text box, or change your Default View by checking or unchecking the Default View box.
  6. Click Save when complete

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