Dependencies are a relationship between two drop-down or multi-select fields on the Details Panel that were related or have hierarchical values. Creating a Dependency helps simplify the data entry process by narrowing inputs based on the selected controlling and depending fields to allow for clear reporting. For example, if there is info specific to different regions that were dependent on location a dependency could be used to tailor the input.

  1. On the Home Tab, click the Master Settings hyperlink in the Edit Settings column
    Note: Dependencies can be defined at the Sub-folder level of the Hierarchy using Custom Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Dependencies Tab in Template Setup section on the left
  3. Click the New Dependency button
  4. On the New Dependency window, click the Controlling Field drop-down to select the Details Panel field that will control the dependency
    Note: The Controlling Field drop-down will only reflect drop-down and multi-select fields that are on the Details Panel. If the drop-down or multi-select list does not have any values within the list, it will not appear as a Controlling Field option.
  5. Click the Dependent Field drop-down to select the field that will be dependent on the Controlling Field
    Note: On the Details Panel, the Dependent Field will contain limited options based on the Controlling Field's value.
  6. When complete, click Save
    Note: Saving will remove all existing inputs in the Dependent Field on the Details Panel, as they are invalid based on the new Dependency.
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