Strategic Alignment


Strategic Alignment Targets enable you to connect marketing spend with the organization's overall strategic objectives. When your marketing plan is aligned with company priorities, you can invest in campaigns that align with your organization’s goals. Allocadia's Strategic Alignment feature provides the visibility needed to ensure alignment as you build your bottoms-up plan and revise your Forecast.

  1. On the Activities tab, click the Details Panel icon in line with your desired marketing activity
    Note: You can also click on the Expand icon in the Alignment Performance Insight card displayed above the budget grid to instantly open the Alignment tab of the Details Panel.
  2. On the Details Panel, switch to the Alignment tab
    Note: Under Alignment Score in the Target section, make sure that the Target vs Drop-down reflects the measure that you would like to compare against.
    Note: The calculations in the widget will adjust as you attribute your marketing spend to show how aligned the budget is. The different alignment indicators are as follows:
    - Purple checkmark - Aligned to Target
    - Green up/down arrow - Over or under by no more than 5%
    - Yellow up/down arrow - Over or under by no more than 10%
    Red up/down arrow - Over or under by more than 10%
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